Understanding the Challenges of Caring for a Senior with Dementia at Home


Dementia is a medical disorder that impairs memory and is quite frequent in adults over the age of 70. The disease causes a range of symptoms, which worsen over time. While there is no treatment, there is no need for hospitalization because some of the symptoms are controllable. Family members have the option of providing direct care or obtaining personal care services.

Providing the best care for seniors with dementia necessitates a thorough understanding of the disease. The memory of those suffering from dementia deteriorates. It begins with forgetting daily duties and people’s names and progresses to bewilderment and incontinence. As the disease worsens, elders who are affected experience are exposed to more risks, to themselves and the people around them.

It is difficult to be the primary caregiver, especially if you are a family member. When it comes to delivering quality senior care in Indiana, however, there are several reliable partners to choose from. ABC Homecare Services is one of them.

We are a group of professionals in home care services in Highland, Indiana. We strive to provide family-like care via our offerings. Recognizing that each patient is unique, we keep family members informed and guarantee that their loved ones receive the best possible treatment at all times. We also try to keep the overall wellness of our patients in check.

Entrusting the care of your loved ones to other people is not easy. However, you can rely on us to provide quality care at all times. Allow us to help you.

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