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Having a clean home does not only keep us away from germs and bacteria but also has several other benefits to our overall health. However, for the elderly, household chores and activities can be very difficult to do. That being said, ABC Homecare Services offers senior care in Indiana to help the elderly age in a healthy and safe living environment.

One key benefit of having a well-maintained and clutter-free home is that it improves mobility by having a wider span of space to move around while also preventing accidents, such as falling and tripping. When the home is clean, it also enhances their mood as they feel relaxed and comfortable with the place. Allowing seniors to achieve those, our top-quality personal care services are always at your service.

Below are care services we offer:

  • Housekeeping Services

    Our homemakers can perform a range of light housekeeping duties such as sanitizing the house, changing linens, cleaning the bathroom, and more. They are also able to help sort through the clutter to keep the home neat and organized.

  • Attendant Services

    Our caregivers are always ready to assist and guide clients with Alzheimer’s or any other form of Dementia in their daily living and other special needs to ensure they live safe and comfortable in their setting of choice.

When it comes to quality homecare services in Highland, Indiana, we make sure that the elderly can continue to live independently by helping them with the activities of daily living. For further information, contact us at 219-301-2520. We will be glad to hear from you!

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