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Managing Sleep Issues for People with Alzheimer’s

managing-sleep-issues-for-people-with-alzheimersCaring for a loved one with a degenerative condition is never easy, and both caregiver and the patient encounter challenges in every stage of the disease.

Family members caring for someone with Alzheimer’s can relate to the day-to-day challenges they experience. The concerns continue through the night and sleep issues can cause the problematic cycle of having a bad next day.

Sleep disturbance can happen to any patient which tends to get worse as the condition progresses. Insomnia is a common issue. Some patients have difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep as frequent awakenings can keep them up all night. Premature morning awakenings also reduce the sleep duration. Some may also experience night wandering which can put them at risk.

These sleep issues can be difficult to prevent, but knowing the contributing factors can help reduce the risk. Establishing a healthy sleep habit as much as possible is an important feature of their routine.

Underlying conditions, such as depression or sleep apnea, should be addressed first and separately. Medications that may impact the patient’s sleep quality should be addressed. Options to minimize the impact on sleep should be explored.

The patient should avoid mental and physical exhaustion throughout the day. We can make this possible with our Homecare Services in Highland, Indiana.

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